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Kolbe Windows and Doors

We're for the visionaries

Almost 70 years after the Kolbe brothers began their commitment to producing premium quality windows and doors, products bearing their family name can be found in some of North America's most impressive homes. The Kolbe brothers were visionaries who recognized that windows and doors are defining features of a home. That's why expert craftsmanship, dedication to quality, and commitment to innovation are integral characteristics of Kolbe today.

At Kolbe, each product is truly built to order. Kolbe Doesn't start building your windows and doors until after you place your order, so they can be uniquely handcrafted to your specifications. All of the Kolbe products are made with the same commitment to expert craftsmanship and design excellence as when we started nearly 70 years ago. The Kolbe team members are craftspeople who focus on building one window or door at a time. That's why Kolbe has time to focus on the details that make these products unique and higher performing.

Kolbe doesn't make mainstream windows and doors. They're not for everyone. Kolbe is for a select group of architects and discerning individuals who are taking home building to new levels.

That's the Kolbe difference. It's a level of quality and customization that you won't find in your local home center - but you will find it in some of the world's finest homes.

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