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Integrity from Marvin

Durable. Strong. Built to last.

More strength, durability and performance are offered by Integrity® from Marvin All Ultrex® Series. With an exterior and interior of Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass material that outperforms and outlasts vinyl, this series is everything you want plus the reputation for quality from Marvin Windows and Doors. The All Ultrex Series is easy to order, simple to install, delivered on time, energy efficient and extremely well built so you'll have virtually no call backs. Take performance to the next level with Integrity from Marvin, All Ultrex Series.

Ultrex stands up to rain, wind, heat, time-looking beautiful and performing well long after other window and door materials have lost their luster. A patented high-performance coating process, superior to anything else on the market, puts down a heavy acrylic finish: no pin-holes, no striations, no chalking, no fading, no scratching, no UV degradation - no worries. Ultrex resists distortion even at temperatures up to 350°F. Rapid temperature change doesn't faze it: When the mercury climbed from -30°F to 70°F, a 6' stile changed less than 1/32" in length. And Ultrex can be painted dark colors, even black, without compromising its structural integrity.

If you've ever struggled with an ill-fitting, dinged or cracked window, there's good news: Ultrex. Ultrex is superior to vinyl and roll-form aluminum in virtually every way - strength, beauty, stability, durability, and energy-efficiency. From easy installation to trouble-free maintenance (with virtually no call backs), Ultrex is a great window and door material that translates into a hassle-free experience. And its from Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors, the global leader in composite windows for more than a decade.

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